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Spliced Inc. is a new video games studio entering a highly competitive market. To help communicate the launch, and build the studio's visual identity, Working with an open brief, the creative was developed through collaborative brainstorms to suggest narratives that would add structure to the piece. The result is a visually arresting one-minute launch video that tells the story of the studio by presenting a brief history of the developments in the technology that precedes them.


Building on the theme of the loading bar drawing parallels to the boot-up of Spliced Inc. and the world they are inviting the player into, the launch video takes audiences on a trip through a short history of advances in computing technology and the Internet. Packed full of references to iconic video games, tech culture, and moments in computer graphics development history, along with clues to decode, we start in monochrome green “P1” phosphor graphics, through colour, early 3D, into the dot com bubble crash, subsequent reboot, and journey into modern-day.

The styleframes I created serve as examples of transitioning from one genre to another.


These images showcase sections of the brand video, offering insight into the evolution of the look and feel throughout the project's duration. They have been meticulously refined to capture the desired aesthetic reminiscent of a specific technological era.

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