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Kingdom of Dreams, chronicles the money-fuelled, creative boom of the global fashion industry during the 1990s and 2010s.

To set the tone and visual language for the series, we created a compelling title sequence and a number of cutaways that support the storytelling throughout the four episodes.

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Each asset was designed to signify major plot points contained within the series – a tailor’s mannequin acts as the centrepiece, with half of it draped stylistically while the rest is decayed and distressed. Viewers follow the sequence forward as it threads the dramatic rise and fall of the industry’s major players together. Starting with glamour and glitz, a series of silhouettes and animations unravel a darker underbelly, teasing drugs, money and global domination.



The mannequin symbolised the highest and lowest points of the fashion industry’s evolution. In its first conception, viewers are introduced to a highly decorative and bejewelled mannequin. At its conclusion, the mannequin is halved, revealing the contrasting influences in the pursuit of global domination.

The images presented showcase the creative evolution of that mannequin.

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