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Main Titles

Our goal was to craft a title sequence that evokes both the nostalgia of the era and the supernatural essence woven throughout the film's narrative. By incorporating retro design elements and iconic typography reminiscent of musical eras, we established a distinct visual tone for the titles.

However, late into production the director opted to withhold the reveal of the LP within the main title sequence and instead feature it in the end titles.

End Titles

We captured authentic textures by filming real LPs spinning on a turntable and experimenting with various vinyls and labels. These elements were then seamlessly integrated into After Effects, where we meticulously refined the animation, employing techniques such as grading, light leaks, and additional texturing to perfect the final look.

We created custom labels to replace any copyrighted images on the vinyls, ensuring a cohesive and original visual aesthetic. Finally, we introduced a dream-like rainbow borealis effect into the shots, echoing the ethereal glow envisioned by the director in our style frames.


Initial ideas comped the faces of the film’s characters onto the spine of the vinyl sleeves in a faded and disjointed appearance.

The chosen route, however, focused more on the labels of the vinyls themselves, allowing the creative to have more of a diverse range of styles, colours and textures. However, despite taking inspiration from the designs of platinum selling hits, none of the actual original designs could be used due to copyright laws, meaning each label had to be hand-designed and fictionally written: band logos, band names, artist names and even song names.

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