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The Batman portrayed a Gotham City clouded in darkness and decay, its crime-ridden streets were illuminated with worn-out technology in amongst dreary, urban environments. Operating within this dystopic take on Gotham, Batman uses customised devices in his effort to uncover and stop The Riddler's sinister games. Batman's surveillance and communication technologies became integral to the unfolding narrative and we ensured the motion graphics reflected the film's darker aesthetic.

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We designed and branded both GC1 and We Got News 7 to look realistic, staying true to American newscasting – the film even used real local news anchors. The news readings are at their most powerful when juxtaposed against real events – two versions of reality unfold at the same time.

We utilised Illustrator, After Effects, and Cinema 4D to craft the entire brand identity for each news channel. It was crucial to establish a visual distinction between the two news stations, and it was gratifying to witness how the identity unfolded within the essential informational lower thirds throughout the film.


Working across the extensive array of screen graphics in the Batcave was truly gratifying. These visuals served as a crucial storytelling element, gracefully occupying the entire screen during pivotal moments.

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