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This project was immense. I had the pleasure of being part of a team that conceptualised, designed, and animated on-screen displays and user interface graphics across 11 sets and 250 shots. Our aim was to capture an authentic glimpse into the elusive Quantum Realm while remaining faithful to the renowned aesthetic of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Celestium Consoles

At the visual climax of the film’s technological language stands Kang’s central control room. A viewpoint for him to oversee and navigate across his empire, the team needed to develop interfaces that remained in the Quantum Universe whilst clearly flaunting the advanced power Kang possessed.

Ornate gold and blue colour palettes harmonise with the 2.5D holographic form, illustrating the lavish hierarchy of Kang’s military operations whilst still beholding to the necessary functions of a military vehicle and subsequently furthering the functions of the narrative. The designs also had to allow for gestural, intuitive movements and interactions from the cast members whose staccato air-piano playing was hand-animated frame by frame.

It was enjoyable merging a variety of motion graphics techniques with hand animation to bring the visual storytelling of these shots to life. While it could be challenging at times to design a console that complemented the actors' movements, it provided a valuable experience in problem-solving and design intuition.


To facilitate post-production, we provided separate elements for the console: the console itself, reflections, and glow effects. This allowed compositors to easily incorporate them into the final composition. Alongside these elements, we delivered a pre-assembled slap comp, simplifying the compositing process and ensuring efficiency while maintaining quality.

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